Applying concepts of Behavioral Finance is core to our approach in handling our super-bot led Digital transformation projects for large financial service companies.

Let’s understand the nuances of Behavioral Biases here …

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Risk profiling is an important ritual of assessment every investor must go through before they choose their i...


The framing effect is a phenomenon in which people react to a particular choice in various ways, depending on how the choice has been presented to them.

The framing effect is an example of something known as cognitive bias.

What bias, you ask.

I’m not biased, you assert.



Change is the only constant in this world- nothing stays the same. We have evolved from dinosaurs to apes to primitive Neanderthals to Homo sapiens sapiens.

From living in caves, we now live in brick-and-cement houses.

From the time we communicated through letters and te...


Turning 18 is all about maturing and attending adulthood. And 2018, will be about businesses waking up to the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and (chat)bot-up across touch-points to stay competitive.

Here are 18 reasons why this transition totally makes sense:

  1. ...


Here’s wishing these 26 things happen to every startup and every entrepreneurial team between this Christmas and the next.

  1. Find your rhythm : Many startups are stuck with business plans and belief-systems that they have outgrown over time as individuals. But the “su...


Our bot can help navigate the entire journey of booking tickets/vacation packages effortlessly.

What it also means is that, your customers would never have to waste time between multiple links and clunky forms.

Real revenue and cost savings, it’s what this bot is about....


Artificial Intelligence throws unprecedented opportunities across business functions. And the impact is not even hypothetical or long-drawn anymore, we are seeing the shift happening across categories, globally, already. 

We at jubi.ai have been helping serious busine...


Engaging channel partners and staying top of mind has always been tricky.

Our Financial advisor bot however cuts the efforts for you so that you can keep being focussed on other areas of business. 100% automated and based on superior Artificial Intelligence technologies...


Ever get woken by a searing pain in the middle of the night and wish you could call up your doctor? While your family physician won’t be adopting night shifts anytime soon, virtual medical chatbots like MedWhat can get you solid medical advice while your real doctor is...

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