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Deep -data meets Conversational Commerce.

Say hello to the future of your business

01 / Iterative Turing Optimization

Intelligent super-bots with human-like engagement feature that add massive scale to customer support, engagement, online buying etc. Our domain specific neural network, the industry-first third interface feature, portable architecture, go from anywhere-to-anywhere feature etc. mean that JubiBot can be a central piece to overall business transformation

02 / Omnichannel and Voice-Capable

Website, mobile site, android and Ios apps. Facebook, Twitter, other media channels. Hand-held device or as some of our customers are implementing - physical branches or digital kiosks … the JubiBot can run wherever your business needs. Add to it, sharp features like extending your entire solution to run over voice-enabled devices - brace for a really powerful transformation tool

03 / Performance-based to solve your toughest challenges

Solve your toughest business problems.Design, deploy and measure the impact of a custom combination of supervised and unsupervised machine-learning models. Powered by a technical architecture that scales while you pay over time only on consumption of the system and achievements of metrics that matter to you 

04 /  Personalized

The Jubi AI Ultrabot is capable of context-awareness, chat-history inheritance and personality-awareness while striking re-engagement gold and conversation opportunities. Our architecture also  integrates with all your existing communication systems like ticketing, CRM, email, SMS etc. so that the business can benefit of a unified view and strategy of making most of every customer and optimize lifetime values 

05 /  Multi-lingual and behavior-first 

At Jubi AI we care about usability and building great products that solve real problems and engage real customers for optimizing lexperience. Our solution come pre-programmed with advanced behavioural analytics and domain-specific abstracted NLP modules that delves deeper into consumer behaviour in your category and an iterative implemention in learning of consumer behaviour and choice-mechanics. Add to the deep capabilities in linguistics- English & in other languages

06 /  Trusted by Serious Enterprises

We are enterprise-grade, secure and adhere to the highest degree of compliance. Our architecture has been made bullet-proof over reviews with some of our largest client partners, security fool-proofed with intensive audits including third-party specialists. The Jubi Ultra Bot is meant to be a focal part of CTO, CMO and CEOs’ long-term business revisualisation toolkit. Get in touch, if you are in that league too









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