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  • Souvik Das

18 Reasons why your business should grow up to AI Chat-bots in 2018

Turning 18 is all about maturing and attending adulthood. And 2018, will be about businesses waking up to the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and (chat)bot-up across touch-points to stay competitive.

Here are 18 reasons why this transition totally makes sense:

  1. Consumers have shifted to WhatsApp and messaging & moved on from legacy-modes like telephonic conversation and slowly even from things like visiting websites.The future is conversational commerce. Chat-bots transform legacy websites and apps to conversational interfaces and power ready-ness to be able to co-evolve with people they serve.

2. Forward looking businesses are investing serious time and money on chat-bot thinking and partnerships already.

3. Be ready for chat-bots + WhatsApp : 2018, likely, will be about WhatsApp opening up its platform for deployment of chat-bots. The proverbial tipping point for business-bots. 2017 has already seen the start of integration of business-accounts. This will be a pivotal moment for chat-bots, especially in large messaging-markets like India

Sophisticated Jubi-bot for WhatsApp : Slated for a 2018 release

4. Be ready for chat-bots + Voice : Voice is progressing faster than most other areas of natural-language processing with players like Amazon and Google making serious advancements. All these latest voice-breakthrough available via simple APIs, coupled with proliferation of voice-devices like Alexa means that your business has to steadily start getting ready to create voice-enabled interfaces of tomorrow. Can see a talking website in your head? Well, no far anymore

5. Be ready for chat-bots + Robots: Robots take the hardware story to a completely transformational level. As costs of programmable robots decline globally ( and shall so, inevitably. Moore’s law, remember?), prepare to meet robots with chat-bot-powered conversational ability in retail-fronts, banks, shop-floors etc.

Sanbot. Subhadeep. Souvik

6. Chat-bots can be deployed multi-channel — from web, to mobile. And social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. This means wherever your customers are, you are ready to have a conversation.

Platforms that the Jubi UltraBot 3 currently support

7. Chat-bots can run in multiple languages and your customer can fluidly converse with your business in the language of their choice

A Jubi system that can process vernacular conversations targeting at the India rural consumers for Personal Finance

8. Chat-bots ‘remember’ : Chat-bots abstract the latest of Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning. Chat-bots are capable of sophisticated information storage, customer-reengagement and un-earthing new customer insights over time by virtue of deployment of deep-learning and artificial neural networks.

Chat-bots can be real differentiators in your business-thinking.

9. Chat-bots can convert complicated forms and difficult multi-step online conversations to relatively simple conversation. Chat-bots are great for end to end online transactions too. No clicking on ‘submit’ button and a long frustrating waits, no jumping from URL to URL — chat-bots provide the most efficient ways of conducting online commerce

(Here’a a sneak peek into Jubi UltraBot 3, completing a financial transaction over Facebook messenger)

10. Chat-bots are great for online lead generation : Customer-conversation is art, and generating inbound leads from a meaningful conversation is an art chat-bots can be programmed to ace

11. Chat-bots are great for customer-education : Chat-bots can self-trigger at different pages of your website when customers are stuck with customized-messages. It can also disseminate information in a gamified way — neat quizzes etc.

12. Chat-bots may mean automating your reputation management system 100%. This is ORM- on- steroids.

Our Twitter-automation solution powering real-time personalized engagement and responses

Why wait for manual intervention, complicated ticket-management systems? Add bot-power to answering to your customers real-time and across channels

13. Chat-bots can integrate with all other enterprise systems, from your existing CRM system, to email / sms engine, your business-intelligence suite etc.

14. Your chat-bot can stand for a unique personality. Create stories that help Brand reach far and wide

Poncho does a great job at humanising conversations with a consistent personality and create super-engagement

15. Chat-bots are smart analytics-machines.

From regular metrics like engagement time, exit-points, A-B testing possibilities etc. to possibilities of advanced data-analysis on original transcripts … analytics and chat-bots together are very potent business tools. Here’s one of our dash-bot views at work

16. Flat design of Apple killed the regular-computer interface. Since then, this minimalistic design philosophy has taken many industries by storm. Chat-bots are the most efficient of what the flat-design ideology has ever seen. They are not just design-light, light-weight and unobtrusive, the chat-bot interface is also immensely customizable & manage-able that gives businesses real power to quickly launch and test things and innovate.

17. CHAT-BOTS SAVE YOU TONNES OF MONEY — A smart AI strategy and chat-bot integration across channels can virtually automate your customer-services, across scales of businesses. This means real cost-savings and real ability to scale.

As businesses and categories get more competitive over years, the path to profitability is AI and chat-bot led smart automation. Earlier you start, the better results you reap.

18. CHAT-BOTS MEAN HAPPY CUSTOMERS — Real-time query-resolutions, faster transactions, efficient fetching of information, personalization … your customers are going to love your business.

“ A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”, no one can refute tis after all.

Wake up to 2018. May the new year be awesome for your business.