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Behavioral Biases, and How to Overcome Them, courtesy Artificial Intelligence

Applying concepts of Behavioral Finance is core to our approach in handling our super-bot led Digital transformation projects for large financial service companies. Let’s understand the nuances of Behavioral Biases here … Image Credit: The Financial Brand ( http://bit.ly/2EuOsNJ ) Humans beings are rational creatures. Every decision they make, including economic ones, there is a rationale involved. We are at the peak of our reasoning prowess, and can make logical decisions. To be fair, that’s not really the case. The rational choice theory, which contended that people tend to make rationally calculated choices, which maximized gains and minimized losses, has been debunked. Image Credit: Nort

#BehavioralFinance series: Investor Risk-Profiling & Personalizing choice

Image Credit: Royston Cartoons (http://bit.ly/2Fv0kkv) Risk profiling is an important ritual of assessment every investor must go through before they choose their investment scheme. Considering the volatility of the stock market, it is vital for investors to know the risk involved- for example, the amount of risk they are willing to take, the amount of risk they are capable of taking, the amount of risk they think they are capable of taking, and how they will respond to market fluctuations. Classifying investors based on risk levels will help in deciding how the investment must be divided between the asset classes i.e equity, debt and money market. Image Credit: Pinterest All financial manag

#BehavioralFinance series: The Curious Case of Framing Bias

The framing effect is a phenomenon in which people react to a particular choice in various ways, depending on how the choice has been presented to them. The framing effect is an example of something known as cognitive bias. What bias, you ask. I’m not biased, you assert. Image Credit: Psychologenie ( http://bit.ly/2B9KLeu) Truth is, biases, often subtle, often overt, often unintended and often deliberate, are an integral part of our world view. Even the most well-adjusted of us are prone to be biased about something, and this can affect the choices we make. Image Credit: An MBA Diary ( http://bit.ly/2rfP8Fg) Doesn’t necessarily make human beings unreasonable beings…but irrational, up to an e

Artificial Intelligence and The JubiAI Third Interface

Change is the only constant in this world- nothing stays the same. We have evolved from dinosaurs to apes to primitive Neanderthals to Homo sapiens sapiens. From living in caves, we now live in brick-and-cement houses. From the time we communicated through letters and telegrams, to when Graham Bell invented the telephone, to the modern smartphones which have messaging apps, where connecting with another human being is just a text away. Image Credit: Pinterest From the time we wrote down to-do lists, to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, who can remind you of what you are supposed to be doing. The point is, humankind, and everything related to it, is changing, modifying, transforming. Th

18 Reasons why your business should grow up to AI Chat-bots in 2018

Turning 18 is all about maturing and attending adulthood. And 2018, will be about businesses waking up to the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and (chat)bot-up across touch-points to stay competitive. Here are 18 reasons why this transition totally makes sense: Consumers have shifted to WhatsApp and messaging & moved on from legacy-modes like telephonic conversation and slowly even from things like visiting websites.The future is conversational commerce. Chat-bots transform legacy websites and apps to conversational interfaces and power ready-ness to be able to co-evolve with people they serve. 2. Forward looking businesses are investing serious time and money on chat-bot thinking and