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Travel and Tourism. Powered by Artificial Intelligence...

Our bot can help navigate the entire journey of booking tickets/vacation packages effortlessly. What it also means is that, your customers would never have to waste time between multiple links and clunky forms. Real revenue and cost savings, it’s what this bot is about. Talk about business differentiators - Artificial Intelligence is here Did we also tell you that you could deploy this bot anywhere you want - viz. Your website, mobile app, Facebook messenger etc. Take a look here .... #BOTS #Customerexperience #Customization #NLP #Allplatformcapablebot #AI #ML #flightbot

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence throws unprecedented opportunities across business functions. And the impact is not even hypothetical or long-drawn anymore, we are seeing the shift happening across categories, globally, already. We at jubi.ai have been helping serious businesses build their AI capabilities - our focus is specifically on the marketing, customer service and sales functions. To give you an idea here is an Introductory deck and few demos highlighting the level of sophistication that can be achieved via one of our lead offerings - Conversational bots. There are 3 major ways bots are disrupting globally by providing transformational solutions vs. the more traditional ways of ‘doi

Health Insurance. Powered by Artificial Intelligence...

Engaging channel partners and staying top of mind has always been tricky. Our Financial advisor bot however cuts the efforts for you so that you can keep being focussed on other areas of business. 100% automated and based on superior Artificial Intelligence technologies, our bot would deliver channel-partner engagement and education at an unforeseen scale and efficiency. Get a demo here: #BFSIBot #chatbot #NLP #Mutilingualbot #ML #Customerexperience #Customization

A sophisticated bot for your medical advices …

Ever get woken by a searing pain in the middle of the night and wish you could call up your doctor? While your family physician won’t be adopting night shifts anytime soon, virtual medical chatbots like MedWhat can get you solid medical advice while your real doctor is asleep. You’ll probably be much better off using this sophisticated bot than looking up questionable at-home treatments on YouTube. MedWhat first asks you the same basic patient information your doctor would need — like age, gender, medical history. Then the powerful AI connects with medical databases from NIH and the CDC to help you understand your condition and whether or not you need medical treatment. http://www.topbots.co

Artificial Intelligence is your friend indeed. Like, it helps find cheap tickets

Ever been put off from booking a vacation by the cost? Everyone has a dream destination, but finding reasonably priced transport can prove impossible without spending hours trawling through search engines and budget flight websites. Luckily, the new Lufthansa Facebook bot aims to make life easier for jetsetters the world over. The bot, which goes by the name of Mildred, is designed to help users find and book cheap flights without ever leaving their iPhone. The bot is bilingual, speaking both English and German, and is extremely straightforward to use. http://www.topbots.com/project/lufthansa-facebook-bot-mildred-review/ #travelbot #FLI