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Voice powered bots. Talk to your bank, without going to a bank ever

If you could resolve all your banking issues on your handy Amazon Echo, why would you ever need to walk into a brick-and-mortar branch? Capital One is betting on just that. The bank released a feature-rich Capital One Alexa Skill for the Echo that lets you manage account information, pay bills, check balances, and even deal with your auto and home loans. http://www.topbots.com/project/capital-one-alexa-skill-amazon-echo-guide/ #BFSIBot #Bankchatbot

Travel and Tourism. Powered by Artificial Intelligence...

For any business, customers are the greatest asset. Now Chatbot can help you achieve two R’s of a Great customer service system- Retention and Repeat business. Not just that with the availability of a large amount of data & machine-learning , It can also ping customers with new offers, deals etc which would be of their real interest. Check the demo here: #travelbot #reengagementbot #flightbot #chatbot #nlp #Customerexperience #Customerquerybot #MLP #Repeatbusiness

Bots cannot prepare coffee ( as yet). But can help you get your favorite one from Starbucks

Are you a coffee fanatic? If you like the idea of skipping those busy cafe lines in the morning, you’ll love the new Starbucks chatbot built inside their mobile apps. Now you can order your favorite drinks and snacks right from your cellphone. The Starbucks Barista bot allows you to finish your errands and texts you when your order’s ready. http://www.topbots.com/project/starbucks-barista-bot-mobile-app-review/ #Coffeebot #chatbot

Role-playing. Now powered by a Facebook chat bot

To promote the reveal of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, publisher Activision teamed up with Facebook to direct players to a chat bot on Facebook’s Messenger that played the role of Lt. Reyes, a character from the upcoming first-person shooter. The account exchanged over 6 million chats with fans hungry for info during its first 24 hours online. Activision releases Call of Duty games annually, and last year’s Black Ops III was the best-selling game of 2015. https://venturebeat.com/2016/05/03/call-of-duty-infinite-warfares-first-victory-6m-bot-messages-on-facebook/ #Fbbot #Gamingbot #chatbot

Pocket sized stories. Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Are you a fashion aficionado who always seem to be on the go? Now you can catch up with all of the latest news, shows and designers with the friendly British Vogue Facebook bot. In only seconds fans can receive British Vogue’s hottest stories in pocket-sized form. http://www.topbots.com/project/british-vogue-facebook-bot-review/ #Fashionbot #Fbbot #chatbot