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Artificial Intelligence led chatbot. Now available uber-grade

Powered by Uber’s API, Messenger now enables its millions of users to sign up for Uber with one tap and request a ride, all without having to leave Messenger or download the Uber app. Ride status updates and ride receipts are delivered to a private conversation between you and Uber on Messenger, making it easy to track your Uber ride and payment history. Find more here: https://newsroom.uber.com/messengerlaunch/ #Transactionbot #Customerexperience

Mutual Funds. Powered by Artificial Intelligence...

Wondering how your investments are doing?.Want to check NAV of a particular fund, or the balance amount? A copy of your statement? May be start your next investment online... Powered by advanced Natural language processing and Machine learning, our investment super-bot can be a real driving force for businesses. Here’s a glimpse: #BFSIBot #MFBot #MutualFundsbot #chatbot #ai #NLP #Investmentbot #Superbot #ML

AI does a lot of things, including helping this Brand provide you with personal assistants

H&M uses the H&M Kik bot as a brand extension tailored towards customizing the user’s shopping experience. Whether consumers are looking for outfit inspiration or are debating trying out a new style, they can browse potential options by chatting with H&M on Kik as if they had a personal stylist at their fingertips. http://www.topbots.com/project/hm-kik-bot-review/ #Customerexperience #Customization

Gift those flowers today. Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Don’t feel like talking to customer service when ordering flowers for your loved one? Now you don’t have to. With the blooming of 1–800-Flowers’ budding chatbot, users can quickly communicate with the company through Facebook Messenger. The brand’s chat interface also allows customers the option of speaking to a live agent for additional support. You can view bouquets, gift baskets and floral arrangements and place orders without leaving Messenger. http://www.topbots.com/project/1800flowers-facebook-messenger-bot-review/ #Fbbot #Customerexperience

Forget the forms. Log in with Ann

Ann,” Aetna’s personalized, virtual assistant, offers 24-hour support for members who are new to the website or need help logging in. Members receive the same responsive service from Ann that they receive when calling customer service, but without leaving the website. Ann is interactive and easily interprets members’ questions, helping them with the registration process or with recovering forgotten usernames or passwords. Meet Ann: https://news.aetna.com/news-releases/aetna-introduces-ann-a-virtual-online-assistant-to-help-members/ #Customerquerybot #Personalization